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2011 Staff Application

Please return staff application by August 1.

If you are planning to print out your application, please click here and download the pdf forms.


It takes about 300 dedicated volunteers to make Purple Door run smoothly. We need people like you to volunteer their time before, during, and after the festival in areas like set-up, security, merchandising, traffic, and clean-up, just to name a few. If you are interested fill out the staff application below.

* Required Field

1. Please fill out the following personal information.

(must be 15)
Male   Female

2. Please fully review the Staff Policy Manual before continuing. ALL staff members must work at least one shift. You may work more, but one is required to be on staff.

3. Admission

I will work one shift on Saturday in return for half price admission - $20.00.
I will work two shifts on Saturday in return for free admission.
I will work two shifts, one Friday Night, one Saturday in return for free admission.
I will work one shift on Saturday, plus one shift of TEAR-DOWN (at least 4 hours, or until you are released by the Tear Down supervisor) in return for free admission. (Please see section 9 for tear-down information)
I love PURPLE DOOR SO much I want to work FRIDAY NIGHT and all day SATURDAY!! (We will feed you if you work all of these shifts!)
I love PURPLE DOOR SO much I have already purchased a ticket, but I still want to work
  (# of shifts) on Friday or Saturday.

4. Shift Preference

(This does not guarantee you will receive these shifts, we assign shifts where you are most needed.)

Shift 2: 4pm - 11:30pm (This is for those who checked “I LOVE PURPLE DOOR” above)
Shift 2: 4pm - 9pm (Gates/Security)
Shift 3: 6:30pm - 11:30pm (Merch/Security/Other)

(Times vary depending on your job. The times listed are approximate):
Shift 1: (7:30am - 12:30pm)       Shift 2: (noon - 4:30pm)
Shift 3: (4 - 8:30pm)       Shift 4: (8pm - 12:30am)

5. Experience

I have served on Purple Door Staff in the past.   Yes No
If yes, please list what you did and if you would like to do the same thing again:

6. Job Choice

Please check ALL (at least two) areas in which you are willing to work, and list experience, where requested.(Please refer to Staff Policy Manual for descriptions of Staff Positions.)

Note: At least two areas must be picked...or they will be picked for you.

Box Office
Drink Sales
Stage Security
Ground Security
Press & Office
Stage Crew   *Experience Required - List Below!
Medical (first aid)   *Experience Required - List Below!

7. Setup

I would like to help set-up THURSDAY from approximately 9am - 6pm.
I would like to help set-up FRIDAY from approximately 9am - 5pm.

8. Tear-Down

Teardown is an extremely important part of Purple Door. If you work one regular festival shift, plus one teardown shift, you will receive free admission.

Can you be available for tear-down/clean-up Saturday night and/or Sunday?
Yes      No
I will help teardown Saturday night immediately following the main stage program and will not leave until finished (approximately 3am)
I will help Sunday morning beginning at 9am until cleanup is finished (approximately 1pm)

9. Final Comments


10. Method of payment for people working only one shift. Cost $20.00:

If paying by check or money order, print out this form and mail to:
Purple Door Staff, PO Box 1573, Lancaster, PA 17608

Card type:
Exact name on card:
Card number:
Expiration date:
Card Security Code:
Enter the address the credit card bills are sent to:
(If different than above address)
Other, please specify:

I (fill in name) commit myself to give the Lord the best I can while volunteering in the ministry of Purple Door. I commit to serving all my shifts.

By filling out this application, you are committing yourself to volunteer at Purple Door 2012, and we are expecting you to be there. If you find you are unable to fulfill your commitment, please contact the Purple Door office (staff@purpledoor.com).

12. Final Step

If you've chosen to pay by credit card you may select Electronic Order to submit your application by email. If not, please go back and download the PDF files for printing and mailing. Send a check or money order along with the PDF to: Purple Door Staff, PO Box 1573, Lancaster, PA 17608. All applications must be returned by August 1.

**Please Note!

You will receive your assignment app. one week before the festival via email. If for some reason, you do not receive it, please come to the staff tent upon arrival at the festival. We are planning on you being on staff unless we hear from you otherwise. When you arrive at Purple Door, please report to the staff tent immediately upon arrival for your badge, tshirt, and instructions. There are no discounts available for those signing up on-sight at Purple Door.


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